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ProSolution Gel F.A.Q.

Answers to the most common questions about Prosolution Gel

How can a lube contribute to my erection?

ProSolution Gel™ is more than only a lube! This is a smooth and silky gel that is produced in a special way to ensure its ingredients penetration.

Instead of using pills that have to work their way through the entire organism before they can work, the ProSolution Gel™ itself penetrates immediately right at the spot of the action, while giving you the effect you desire for. Blood circulation is instantly improved and sensations are renewed.

Will it influence my penis size?

Because ProSolution Gel™ stimulates the better blood circulation to the penis, your erection will feel and look bigger, fuller and much larger in length. In simpler words, with it you won’t make your penis grow, but you will definitely achieve your full potential.

Can I use this solution to deal with the premature ejaculation?

Yes! We receive feedbacks each day from guys who use ProSolution Gel™ with the main goal to prevent premature ejaculation. With this solution, you’ll have full control of every single aspect of your sexual situation and life.

How to deal with the greasy or messy situation?

No, you don’t have to worry about that! You’ll enjoy the feel of this solution. It’s a gel. Therefore, it quickly warms up and spreads all over in a very enjoyable way without leaving any greasy, sticky, messy, or oily leftovers behind. This genuine and revolutionary formulation has been strongly appreciated by female partners, as well.

Can I use it with condoms?

Sure thing. ProSolution Gel™ will not negatively influence condoms in any way.

Isn’t it much simpler to just use a pill like Viagra?

ProSolution Gel™ is a topical, harmless and transdermal solution — which means you can use it and achieve the results you desire within seconds. Pills ask for much more time to work their way into your body.

In addition, as a 100% natural solution, ProSolution Gel™ has no known side effects. Although, the prescriptions may be something you can consider to use to deal with erectile dysfunction issues, ProSolution Gel™ is a miraculously effective booster to improve your erection and sexual performance.

How fast it works? How long it lasts?

ProSolution Gel™ is a formula for penetrating the penile tissues and working in order to create the effects you are looking forward to seeing within 60 seconds. The effects can last throughout your sexual activity. If you’re up for more sex, you simply use more. You cannot overdose with ProSolution Gel™.

Why it is more expensive than regular lube?

ProSolution Gel™ includes pure and natural ingredients of fine botanicals combined with the high-quality, nutritive elements, which actively increase the quality of your performance. That’s something the ordinary lube can’t provide, and therefore, these top-class elements cost more.

What if I’m not satisfied with the product?

ProSolution Gel™ has a top 100% guarantee. If you don’t achieve better erections including a firmer, fuller, much better staying performance and an overall improved sexual experience, give back the product for the full money back.

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